Frequently asked questions

What is the lead time for ordering flowers?

We require a week in advance for orders.

Do you accept same day or next day rush orders?

Yes we do, however, it will depend on available flower stocks.
Please note that depending on required time and delivery address, additional charges may apply. For rush orders, please send us a text through mobile at 09778461888 for faster processing.

Do you charge delivery within Metro Manila?

For big buckets, square buckets, and Forever Fiora, delivery is FREE within Metro Manila.

For mini, small and medium buckets, there is a charge of Php350 for delivery. (Additional charges may apply for addresses that require toll fees and/or parking)

Do you do out of town deliveries?

For fresh flowers, yes we can but only to selected areas in Luzon. Let us know the exact address so we can check the cost and if it is within the coverage area of our courier.

For ForeverFiora preserved rose in a square box, we can ship nationwide.

What time do you deliver?

We usually deliver between 9am to 7pm. But if you require an earlier or later time, just let us know so we can check if we can accommodate.

Can I request a specific delivery time?

Yes you may. Again, depending on time and delivery address, additional charges may apply.

Do you have a physical store?

We are an online shop, therefore no physical store. Should you wish to pick up your order/s, you may also do so. If ever, we are based in Rizal area.

How long do the flowers usually last?

FOR FRESH ROSES: Depending on the batch, at the right conditions and with proper care, the vase life of fresh roses ranges from 5-10 days. FOR FOREVER FIORA PRESERVED ROSES: The usual lifespan of our preserved roses is at least 1 year. But with proper care, it can last longer (up t 3 years or even more!)

How do I care for my roses?

FOR FRESH ROSES: Place the bucket on a leveled surface as it contains water inside. Keep away from heat, direct sunlight, air drafts, and ripening fruits (especially apples and bananas). After 2-3 days, you may add a little water to hydrate the flowers (carefully pour the water at the center of the bouquet, making sure that it drips within the water container inside) Flowers will last longer in a cool, dry place. FOR FOREVER FIORA PRESERVED ROSES: Do not water. Do not expose to heat and direct sunlight. Keep in a cool, dry place. Avoid poking/touching the petals too often.

Can you make customized arrangements?

Yes we can. For custom arrangements, kindly send us a text at 09778461888 for inquiries and orders.